Terms of Use

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  11. FLP has the right to modify these Terms of Use without notification at any time with immediate effect. Users are advised to check the Website for applicable Terms of Use and any modifications thereto.
  12. These Terms of Use incorporate the Privacy Policy of FLP and should be read in conjunction with it.
  13. These Terms of Use shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of Bangladesh, and any dispute, controversy, proceeding, or claim of any kind arising out of or in any way related to them shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Bangladesh.
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Privacy Policy

This policy pertains to your utilization of the Website and any content communicated through it. It should be reviewed alongside FLP’s Terms of Use.
  1. This Policy shall be interpreted in accordance with the Laws of Bangladesh.
  2. As a website, FLP has the capacity to gather a variety of data pertaining to any user of the Website, which is collectively referred to as “personal Information”.
  1.           This includes your name, address, contact number, email address, and any additional information you provide to us. 
  2.           It also encompasses other business-related information that is essential for processing, within the framework of a project or client contractual relationship with FLP.
                            III.            Additionally, FLP may collect information obtained from publicly accessible sources.
  1. FLP will maintain the utmost confidentiality of your Personal Information and employ it exclusively to enhance your engagement with FLP.
  2. FLP may collect your Personal Information in various circumstances, such as when you visit the Website or engage with it in any other way.
  3. In most cases, sharing your Personal Information with FLP is entirely optional, and there are no negative consequences if you choose not to provide this information.
  4. FLP is authorized to utilize your personal information solely for the following permitted purposes:
  1.           Enhancing the Website experience.
  2.           Providing requested legal services.
                            III.            Overseeing and administering your business association with FLP.
  1.           Safeguarding and managing the security of the Website.
  2.           Adhering to FLP’s legal and regulatory obligations within Bangladesh.
  3.           Complying with court orders and asserting FLP’s legal rights.
                          VII.            Any other purpose for which you initially submitted your personal information to FLP.
  1. FLP is permitted to divulge your Personal Information in the following circumstances:
  1.           FLP may reveal your Personal Information to courts, law enforcement agencies, regulators, legal professionals, or other entities when compelled by legal requirements.
  2.           FLP may also engage service providers, whether located within or outside of FLP, domestically or internationally, such as shared service centers, to manage personal data for Permitted purposes on its behalf, following FLP’s instructions.
  1. In addition to the situations outlined above, FLP will only disclose your Personal Information when you expressly direct or grant permission for such sharing.
  2. If you provide Personal Information to FLP on behalf of someone else, it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the proper authorization to disclose that Personal Information to FLP, and that FLP is permitted to collect, utilize, and disclose such Personal Information in accordance with the provisions outlined in this Policy.
  3. FLP has the option to retain Personal Information on its internal data storage systems, those of its contractors, or in physical paper records.
  4. FLP implements reasonable security precautions, meeting the standards mandated by the laws of Bangladesh, to protect and maintain the security of your Personal Information. You acknowledge the inherent security risks associated with transmitting information over the internet, cellular networks, or data networks, and agree not to hold FLP responsible for any security breaches or the inadvertent exposure of Personal Information.
  5. This Policy is subject to modification in response to evolving legal and regulatory prerequisites, and any such alterations will be publicly posted online.
FLP values your input regarding its website and policies. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us via email at: info@forumlawbd.com